Delivering Total Solutions To Optimize The Performance Of Facility Cleaning Operations

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Products, Tools & Machines For Government Facilities


When your business needs to improve performance, Diversey is there, ready to work with your organization to create a customized facility solution that elevates your service and boosts your bottom line. With increasing awareness of the link between cleanliness and the health and performance of customers and staff, it is imperative to implement cost-effective solutions for cleaner, healthier environments.


What to consider when selecting a cleaning program.

  • How important is the appearance of your facility to your students and their parents?
  • Are you interested in reducing your overall labor and material costs?
  • How important is a professional training program for your staff to ensure compliance and consistency with procedures? Is the training program easy to use and easy to train others to use?
  • How much does budget factor into the purchasing decision-making process? Are you looking for cost efficiency, high performance, or both?
  • Do you have the equipment and chemicals for a total cleaning solution?
  • Are you interested in using green products, procedures and tools to differentiate your facility as a sustainability leader?


Environmentally-Certified Products

  • We can help you obtain a competitive advantage by instituting world-class, sustainable products and procedures for cleaning.
  • Set your company apart with product and procedures certified by GreenGuard, Green Seal and Ecologo for improved Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).


Customer and Staff Safety

  • Help prevent chemical contact with our close- looped and Spill-Tite® packaging and dispensing systems.
  • Reduce the threat of MRSA, Norovirus and “sick building syndrome” with our world class disinfectants.
  • Use sustainable cleaning programs that target green cleaning methods and enhance IAQ.


Product Quality and Performance

  • Diversey designs high performance solutions to increase efficacy while lowering consumption and cost.
  • Contractors and facility managers are constantly graded on appearance, cleanliness & infection prevention Diversey allows you to do more with less.


Cost Control

  • Exceed cleaning expectations and improve productivity with the right range of products and tools.
  • Achieve better time management and task scheduling with innovative chemistries such as our low-odor floor finishes. 
  • Use super-concentrated, high-performance cleaners that cost pennies per day. 



  • Addressing your need to be more flexible, efficient and sustainable, we have tools to take your program to the next level.



  • Our industry-leading TASKI Machines allow us to offer the most effective machine solutions on the market.