Building Service Contractors

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Diversey looks beyond just products to offer innovative solutions that create value for building service contractors.


Providing government facility cleaning services in today's competitive marketplace is not easy. Whether it is delivering savings, sustainability or quality performance, your clients simply expect more. As a global leader in cleaning and hygiene, we understand these challenges and design solutions that help you run a successful facility cleaning operation. By integrating the best in chemicals, tools and machines with our value added programs, we help our customers deliver real operational efficiencies and address your challenges with smarter solutions.


Support For Building Service Contractors

We see ourselves as your partner in success and collaborate with you to use less, waste less, all at a lesser cost over the long-term. Every step of the way, we're here to assist you in driving leaner and greener operations supported by the best in building service solutions.


Product Optimization
We offer assistance in applications including floor care, restroom care, odor control, infection control and more, driving consistency across your operations.


Dedicated Support
With 24/7 Sales, Marketing, Pricing and Technical support assigned to support Building Service Contractors, you and your teams are ensured reliable service for all your cleaning needs.


Co-Op Purchasing Group Partnerships
We partner with leading co-ops and purchasing groups to provide our customers with access to a wide range of proven products.


BSC Training School
To guarantee industry best practices and knowledge of the latest cleaning technologies, we conduct hands-on training for you and your clients.


Digital Tools
Our customers can access ourDigital Tools website for on-the-go training and production information through our eLearning & eTools platforms, as well as videos and print material.


LEED-EBOM Certification Support
We can contribute towards earning one prerequisite and up to six points for LEED-EBOM certification, reflecting our commitment to be a true environmental leader.